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Potato scones. Mmmm. x. This is a fantastic use of a bit of potato.

Funeral Cake

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sponge cake (Mrs Beeton's recipe is here )

I absolutely love lemon drizzle cake as it often makes a refreshing change from the usual cakes I bake which are.Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management, also published as Mrs Beeton's Cookery Book, is an extensive guide to running a household in Victorian Britain, edited by...If you are looking for Mrs Beetons Cakes Bakes Foreword By Claire Ptak, our library is free for you.

Try your hand at these simple recipes such as gingerbread and banana cake for everyday and an extravagant gateaux oozing with.

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A Victoria sponge is a classic English afternoon tea cake and perfect for a Jubilee weekend celebration.

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Apricots Autumn Bread Butternut Cake Chilli Chocolate Ciabatta Coconut cooks.

Mrs. Beeton's Excellent Mince Meat

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Valentine's Day Bake

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Classic recipes for such British desserts as Eccles Cakes, Victoria.

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A delicious Victorian recipe: Seed Cake. This recipe is from Mrs.ISBN: 9780297866817 0297866818 9780297868859 0297868853: OCLC Number: 801592658: Notes: Includes index.

Using Mrs Beeton’s Victoria sponge recipe I made this Jubilee cake ...

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It is really delicious, especially if you are an almond lover as that.Apricots Autumn Bread Butternut Cake Chilli Chocolate Ciabatta Coconut cooks Crab Cranberries.

Notes From The Victorian Man: Making Mrs. Beeton's Tea Cakes

Heart Shaped Wedding Cake

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Afternoon Tea Fancy

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Caraway Seed Cake Recipe

Victoria Sandwich Recipe

slice of Mrs Beeton’s Victoria sponge for a Jubilee tea party ...

Kavey Eats explores a classic recipe and it never gets better than Mrs Beeton.