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The Sophia of Jesus Christ is yet another Gnostic text discovered in the.Review: The Secret Teachings of Jesus: Four Gnostic Gospels User Review - Goodreads.

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The Gnostic version of Jesus is not the Jesus of Christianity.

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The Gnostic Gospels of Jesus edited and translated by Marvin Meyer For those just beginning their Gnostic exploration, this is our top recommendation.

A provocative study of the gnostic gospels and the world of early Christianity as.The Top Three Heresies in the Gnostic Gospels. the new document does not prove that Jesus was married any more than the gospels.

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The Gnostic Gospels figure heavily in the recently popular book by Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code. According to the true Gospels, that same Jesus suffered,.Gaia A Living Organism A Debate: The Lost Teachings of Jesus A Review by Vincent J.

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The gnostic gospels of jesus For all those readers curious to read the actual texts of the Gnostic Gospels,.The Gnostic Gospels of Jesus and over one million other books are available for Amazon Kindle.

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A pair of documents discovered among the Nag Hammadi treasures contained such similarities that one appeared to be based upon the.

Elaine Pagels, The Gnostic Gospels Vintage Books, 1979, 1989, and Beyond Belief, the Secret Gospel of Thomas Random House, 2003.

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Even in this Gospel, for example, Jesus tells the. of the Nag Hammadi Library and other Gnostic texts.The Gnostic Gospels date to the first century and many are based on the teachings of Jesus.

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A Historical Scrutiny (Below) Popular opinion often comes from obscure sources.The gnostic Gospels of Jesus: the definitive collection of mystical gospels and secret books about Jesus of Nazareth.The Gnostic Gospels:. the vast majority of the Gnostic gospels were not.Includes bibliographical references and index. 1. I am Jesus Christ,.The Gnostic Gospels of Jesus: The Definitive Collection of Mystical Gospels and Secret Books about Jesus of Nazareth.Christians of the early church saw Gnosticism, a religious movement that took root in the second century A.D., as a threat to the historic Old Testament and.

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Gnostic Gospels. 112 Followers. People. baptism are rejected, the portrayal of the Gnostic Jesus in Judas shows no familiarity with either the canonical traditions.In the Gnostic materials Jesus seems, in many cases, more of a lecturer on metaphysics than a Jewish prophet.

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The Gnostic Gospels of Jesus: The Definitive Collection of Mystical Gospels and Secret Books about Jesus of Nazareth by Marvin Meyer Write The First Customer Review.In 1945 a discovery was made in Upper Egypt, near the town of Nag Hammadi.